Hairdemort Drinking Game


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Hairdemort* Drinking Game
1. “Fake news”– one shot
2. “Loser” or “Winner”– one shot
3. Discredits a federal judge– half a beer
4. Discredits a federal judge appointed by a Republican– whole beer
5. “Weak”– one shot
6. “Sad!” — one sip
7. “Bad!” — one sip
8. “Tremendous,” “Terrific,” or “YUGE”– one sip
9. Denies saying something he said on camera– one sip
10. Forces Kellyanne to deny it– half a beer
11. Forces Kellyanne AND Sean Spicer to deny it– whole beer
12. “Make America Great Again” or “MAGA”– sip
13. Insults leader of staunch American ally nation– whole beer
14. Brags about himself in a speech that was supposed to be serious– one shot
15. Whines about “the media” in a speech that was supposed to be serious– one shot
16. “Failing” — one sip
17. “Paid protesters” — half a beer
18. Lies about his popularity and/or claims negative polls are “fake”– whole beer
19. Violates the constitution– one shot
20. Violates the constitution without reading what he’s signed– two shots
21. Cancels 2020 elections and declares martial law because “terrorists”– entire bottle of bourbon while hunched behind a boxcar in the cramped, dark hold of a ship bound for anywhere else while tearing up your passport and weeping
* “Hairdemort” courtesy of the ever-brilliant Mollena Williams-Haas
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4 thoughts on “Hairdemort Drinking Game

  1. Damn it, Melissa, I’m tryin’ to cut back! 🍺🍷🍸🍶

  2. You left out “Jyaina” and “I’ll be YUGE in JYAINA.”

    I may not have the spelling correct on that, but with Donny I’m not certain that really matters.
    Just call it alternative spelling.

  3. Ann Marie Shea says:

    I am already living the hangover.

  4. badparentingweb says:

    I had a pretty serious boner until 21… struck a little too close to the bone. I think I’ll actually be giving this one a shot (pun intended) during some upcoming speech or news conference. I don’t follow Twitter.

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