Arwen Anderson and L. Peter Callender with Marissa Keltie, Julia Brothers and Robert Parsons in Circle Mirror Transformation by Annie Baker, at MTC

Marin Theatre Company, a LORT here in the Bay Area (and let’s give them a round of applause for how much local talent they hire, shall we? YAY) has two prizes they’re giving out for new plays. No submission fees, and the submission process is simple and online.

Here’s the deal: No matter what the thing is– prizes, contests, festivals, open calls– plays by men make up between 65% and 75% of the submissions. I’ve experienced this personally, seen it measured in studies, and had it quoted to me anecdotally by other ADs.

While I’m sure there are some contests out there somewhere achieving 50/50 submissions, the norm is nowhere near parity. If we want 50/50 productions, the first step is to make sure everyone has 50/50 submissions.

Start with MTC.


Bowman Wright (Lincoln) and Biko Eisen-Martin (Booth) in Topdog/Underdog by Suzan-Lori Parks, at MTC. Photo by DavidAllenStudio.com

I’ve issued my challenge on my facebook. All you need to do is submit to one of the two prizes MTC has going and then comment “DONE” on my facebook note. I want to see 100 women submitting to these contests.

If 100 women comment on my facebook note that they’ve submitted, I’ll do profiles of three playwrights, randomly selected from the list, on this blog. I’m no Adam Szymkowicz, but still.

Here’s the link to the facebook note. LET’S DO THIS.


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8 thoughts on “WOMEN PLAYWRIGHTS: I Challenge You

  1. Tira Palmquist says:


  2. Would you consider a writing team with 1 woman and 2 men as qualifying?

  3. Never mind – I just noticed that they don’t accept musicals (which is what my writing team would submit). I’ll send a non-musical play on my own.

  4. Amy Sidwell says:

    Done! I tried to enter a done to your post on facebook, but apparently I’m comment inept and couldn’t find the box in which to enter my “Done!”

  5. I also had a problem with the Facebook comments, but I’m DONE!

    I shared this post on Facebook awhile ago taggng some playwrights I know, which set of a flurry of comments from others in my community tagging other local female playwrights…and I’m thrilled to see a lot of them commenting that they are done too. I love how much we’re supporting each other! Seattle represent!

  6. alex says:

    I did this already. Done ! 🙂

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